5100L Cup and Saucer Tank/Trough


5100L Cup and Saucer Tank/Trough

Water tank for water storage with the benefit of a durable trough attached to water stock right at point of need. The EI Poly Cup and Saucer tank is a one piece construction with no centre roof support pole needed. Our Water tanks are manufactured from Australian made virgin Polyethylene and are perfectly safe for drinking water. Our semi rural water tanks have a 1″ B.S.P outlet that is moulded into the water tank for stronger structural integrity. Who knows when it will rain again, install a E.I Poly water tank today to catch every precious drop. The durable trough at the base of the tank is a sure compliment to the 5000L storage of the tank. Install a EI Poly Cup and Saucer Tank/Trough today.

E.I Poly water tanks, Clearly a Better Solution..


  • 5100 Litres / 1130 Gallons

  • 1930mm High x 2600mm Diameter

  • Bulk Water Storage at Point of Need

  • Internal pipework, Stock damage protection
  • 1-1/4″ High Pressure inlet Float

  • 1″ low Pressure outlet float valve
  • Optional Level Indicator




5100L Cup and Saucer Tank/Trough


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