Enmach Industries

- Innovation and unbeatable durability

The harsh Australian climate can have a devastating impact on the equipment we use to maintain our outdoor lifestyle.

One Australian family has dedicated almost 20 years to creating lawn care accessories, poly grain silos & silo bins, water storage tanks, RV accessories, agribusiness and outdoor decor products that not only withstand climate exposure but change the way Australians live outdoors forever.

Enmach Industries utilises Polyethylene to reinvent products usually made of materials such as steel, aluminium and fibreglass. Enmach Industries’ poly products are lighter, have one of the world’s best UV protection ratings, resist rust and have compounded colour that won’t fade or scratch off.

Ultimately, Enmach Industries has created the poly advantage – unbeatable durability.

Family owned – service focused

Enmach Industries continues to nurture its highly equipped in house research and development department. That means you can be sure that Enmach Industries products will continue to improve to meet your needs.

When Enmach Industries was established as a family-owned, proudly Australian business, its success was nourished by the team’s focus on personalised service.

Almost 20 years later Enmach Industries now unites innovation and unrivalled durability with its original focus on service.

From the urban city dweller, acreage land owner and recreational 4WD enthusiast to civil contractors and government departments – Enmach Industries delivers the poly advantage through hundreds of dedicated outlets across Australia. Contact us for a free catalogue and to find your nearest dealer.